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Rochester Education Foundation:  Because every child deserves a great education.
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Reports on Education

Success for Rochester City Students:
Making a College Education Attainable

What would it take to get more Rochester city students into college? And why do many other communities do a better job than Rochester of guiding students to a brighter future after high school graduation? This report, funded by The Rochester Area Community Foundation and authored by REF, examines the in-school and out-of-school support for city students considering college. The report also looks at national examples of college support at a community level. It offers recommendations and a listing of community programs in Rochester offering support to students.


  PDF    Success for Rochester City Students:
Making a College Education Attainable

(44 pages, 1.2 MB PDF file)


Schott Foundation Report: The Urgency of Now

Schott Foundation Report notes abysmal rates in Rochester, NY for graduation of African-American and Latino males. Includes recommendations. Released in Sept. 2012.


  PDF    Urgency of Now


Rochester's Third Grade Reading Lowest in NYS Urban Areas

Rochester Area Community Foundation and ACT Rochester produced this highly informative report analyzing where Rochester stands statewide according to 2010-2011 standardized testing of third graders.


  PDF    Grade Three English Language Arts Report

Local Projected Results of Cutting Dropout Rate in Half

What would Rochester's economy look like with a much lower dropout rate? Study of economic potential if high school dropout rate in Rochester were to be cut in half.


  PDF    Economic Results of Cutting Droput Rates in Half


Arts Education and Graduation Rates

Study of arts education in New York City schools suggests that students at schools offering arts education are more likely to graduate from high school than those that don't.


  PDF    Arts Education and Graduation Rates
(31 pages, 2 MB file)


Urban Superintendent Study

Interesting report on urban school superintendents.


  PDF    Urban School Superintendents: Characteristics, Tenure, and Salary
(12 pages, 1 MB file)


RCSD Literacy Initiatives, Ages 0-6

Rochester's pre-K system has been ranked first in the U.S. and Western Europe for six consecutive years. This presentation by Andrew MacGowan of the RCSD's Department of Research, Evaluation and Testing, examines the key principles used in creating the system. The presentation was made at Mayor Robert Duffy's Leadership Summit on Literacy, November 28, 2006.


  PDF    RCSD Literacy Initiatives, Ages 0-6
(27 pages, 300 KB file)


Graduation Rates and Property Taxes

This report, published in 2006, examines New York State graduation rates and the connection to property taxes.

Produced by Public Policy and Education Fund, Inc. and the Fiscal Policy Institute, with assistance from Alliance for Quality Education. PPEF works on issues of interest to low-income new Yorkers; FPI is a non-partisan not-for-profit organization; AQE works to promote "the Constitutional right to a quality education."


  PDF    New York State's Dual Crises: Low Graduation Rates and Rising School Taxes
(33 pages, 728 KB file)


Call to Arms: Report of the Blue Ribbon Task Force, 2005

This report was produced by a team of community members chaired by RIT President Al Simone. The team was chartered to review the Rochester City School district's financial practices and the relationship to educational outcomes.


  PDF    Rochester City School District's Financial Practices and their Relationship to Educational Outcomes
(33 pages, 440 KB file)


Children's Institute Report on Rochester City School Students

The Children's Institute develops and promotes prevention and early intervention programs, evaluates children's conditions and programs, trains professionals and builds partnerships to support positive public policy.


  PDF    Community Report on Children Entering School in 2003-2004, Rochester, NY
(119 pages, 1.6 MB file)
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